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Important information

Last updates: Friday March 27, 14:15 CET

*** Due to a high volume of calls it is difficult to reach us per phone. ***
We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. Please contact us per email if you are not able to get through to us on phone, and we will try to reply as soon as possible. 


Covid-19 and waived change fee

In light of the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we are currently offering to waive the rebooking fee for selected LowFare, LowFare+ and Premium tickets:

Domestic and International tickets booked up to and including 31 May 2020. The original journey (including return flight) must be completed by 30 November 2020 at the latest. The rebooking can be made only once.

Go to this link for more details and conditions.

Individual bookings

  • GDS bookings (issued in BSP/ARC): See E-ticket guidelines below.
  • WEB bookings (Agent Portal/API): Rebooking fees will be waived in Agent Portal.
    (price difference will apply).
E-tickets (issued in BSP/ARC)
Waived penalty fee (price difference to be collected on reissued ticket) Add info in endorsement box on ticket:
VOLUNTARY CHANGE DUE TO CORONA <original flightnbr/ddmmm>


Group bookings

  • GDS bookings: Make a new booking and issue the deposit on EMD according to the new fare. The EMD must be issued instantly.
    For already ticketed bookings, make a new booking and issue tickets according to the new fare. Ticket must be issued instantly.
    Contact for a waiver to cancel/request refund of EMD or ticket in the old booking. Remember to send us old/new booking.
  • WEB bookings (Agent Portal): Make a new booking online. The deposit must be paid instantly. Contact for cancellation and deposit refund of the old booking.
  • Any price difference between the existing flight and the new flight will apply.
    The entire journey (incl. return flight) must be completed by 30 November 2020.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Covid-19 and cancelled flights

Go to this link for details and conditions and flight status to see if the flight has been cancelled.

Below guidelines should not be mixed up with schedulechanges. SC are normally made well in advance and booking is updated with a TK or TK/UN segment. See more details on Schedule change policy.

Individual bookings

  • GDS bookings (issued in BSP/ARC): See E-ticket guidelines below
  • WEB bookings (Agent Portal/API): If your customer received a SMS or EMAIL with information that a flight is cancelled, you can rebook or cancel the flight. Free changes and cancellation can be made through the Agent Portal. Request for refund:
E-tickets (issued in BSP/ARC)

If the segment status is changed to UN in your GDS without any alternative flight options, below guidelines apply for individual and group bookings.
NOTE: If you would like to request full refund of a cancelled DN flight (Domestic Argentina), go to refund application in BSP-link.

You would like to request for an involuntary rerouting Contact Agent Support for options and waiver
Full refund of the cancelled flight * Add remark in booking: FULL REFUND DUE TO CORONA CNL <flightnbr/ddmmm>
Involuntary change * to the same routing within Norwegian's network (DY/D8/DI/DN)  Add endorsement in booking: INVOL.CHNG DUE TO CORONA CNL <flightnbr/ddmmm>

* DN flights = Refund application through BSP-link.

Group bookings

  • GDS bookings: For already ticketed bookings, follow above guidelines.
    For bookings where only deposit is issued; For full refund, follow above guidelines.
    * Contact Agent Support for involuntary change or rerouting. 
  • WEB bookings (Agent Portal): Contact for refund requests.


Contact Agent Support if you have any additional questions.




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