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Important information

Last updates: January 15, 2021 (10:35 CET)

Important information regarding refund

Due to the adverse financial distress caused by the COVID-19 crisis, Norwegian entered into a court-supervised reconstruction process in Ireland on 18 November 2020 (the “Examinership”). Due to jurisdictional issues Norwegian also entered into a supplementary court-supervised reconstruction process in Norway on 8 December 2020 (the “Reconstruction”, together with the Examinership referred to as the “Proceedings”).

The Proceedings are ongoing and impose a global “automatic stay” on creditors. This means that, for the duration of the Proceedings, creditors of the companies subject to the examinership and the reconstruction cannot receive or seek to receive payment of past dues, and the relevant companies cannot pay or otherwise discharge liabilities that are based on events that occurred prior to the commencement of the Proceedings. Accordingly, Norwegian is not legally permitted to refund claims where the flight disruption occurred before 18 November 2020. We understand that this is a challenging situation, and we are sorry for the inconvenience it causes you and our mutual customers.

For all details, click here 
For the Irish Examiner: Creditor Claim Form
Debt Restructuring Committee in Norway: Debt Restructuring Committee in Norway

Claims where the flight disruption occurred after 18 November 2020 can be processed
through the GDS as published in above letter by 15JAN, 2021 while WEB bookings (API and Agent Portal) can be claimed via our online form.


See our Covid-19 hub for the latest updates


Mandatory use of face masks on board

From 17 June 2020 we are introducing the mandatory use of face masks for our passengers and crew on board our flights. This is in line with recommendations from European authorities (EASA) as a protective measure to keep everyone travelling safe. Go to Covid-19 updates for more details.

Important information about entry requirements

Travellers must check entry requirements for their destination well before travel. In some cases, they will be required to complete mandatory documentation some days before departure.
Check entry requirements for destination.


Covid-19 policy

  • In light of the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, this is what we currently offer.

  • Individual GDS bookings (issued in BSP/ARC)

  • Cancelled flights

    • Amadeus has extended the purge date for all PNR’s with cancelled DY/DI/D8 segments with a departure date after 19th of April 2020
      - Does not apply for Sabre/Galileo
      - Does not apply if passenger was NOSHOW on the flight
    • The validity of e-ticket record has been extended to be valid 1 year from the latest
      flight date in e-ticket
      - This applies for all GDS'
    • See procedures for schedule change and involuntary reissue: Schedule change policy 
      - Add following text in endorsement: INVOL.CHNG DUE TO CORONA CNL <original flightnbr/ddmmm>
    • For change of origin/destinations on a cancelled flight (UN status), fare difference must be collected.
      - If change results in a lower fare, there is no refund of fare difference
      - Add following text in endorsement: INVOL.CHNG DUE TO CORONA CNL <original flight/ddmmm> 
    • Cancelled flights (UN status with no alternative flight option) can be changed after original departure but within 2 months after original departure

    Refund on GDS bookings

    • If you would like to request full refund of a cancelled flight (UN status with no
      alternative flight option), go to refund application in BSP-link.
      • US agents are requested to contact us if you have any questions.
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Individual WEB bookings (Agent Portal/API)

  • Cancelled flights

    • If your customer received a SMS or EMAIL with information that a flight is cancelled, you can rebook or cancel the flight.
    • Free changes and cancellation can be made through the Agent Portal
    • Go to flight status to see if the flight has been cancelled.
  • Refund on WEB bookings


GDS Group bookings (BSP/ARC)

Cancelled flights

  • For already ticketed bookings: Involuntary change to the same routing within Norwegian's network (DY/D8/DI)*
  • Add endorsement in booking: INVOL.CHNG DUE TO CORONA <flightnbr/ddmmm>
  • For bookings where only deposit is issued: Follow Schedule change policy for group reservations
  • * Contact Agent Support for rerouting

    • Refund on GDS Group bookings

      • If you would like to request full refund of a cancelled flight (UN status), go to refund application in BSP-link.
      • US agents are requested to contact us if you have any questions.
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WEB Group bookings (Agent Portal)

Cancelled flights 


Contact Agent Support if you have any additional questions.