For passengers under 26!

Youth ticket is now launched in GDS. This means an extra good price on our route network, exclusively for travelers under the age of 26 years old.
For terms and conditions go to Youth tickets

  • Additional information:

      • For reservations in the Agent Portal, use campaign code UNDER26
      • For reservations in GDS, youth fares can be booked in F class and are available on both
        LowFare and LowFare+
      • Passenger type code is YTH (date of birth must be included in the name element of PNR)
      • Fare basis FZZLF and FZZLP: Instant purchase fares (Domestic and international markets)
      • Fare basis FAZZLF and FAZZLP: Advanced purchase fares (Domestic market). Advance purchase is 5 days in Norway, 7 days in Sweden
      • The advanced purchase fares cannot be combined with instant purchase fares
      • F class fares cannot be combined with Flex fares or other restrictive fares


How to book:

Name element NM1SURNAME/NAME(YTH/<ddmmmyy>)
Pricing entry FXP
Name element N.SURNAME/NAME*P-YTH DOB<ddmmmyy>
Pricing entry FQ**YTH/FXD
Name element -SURNAME/NAME*<ddmmmyy>
Pricing entry WPPYTH