Passenger contact details

Passenger contact details are according to IATA resolution 830d mandatory in all bookings, so we would like to remind you of the importance of correct contact details in every PNR. 
You can also see how to register your customers frequent flyer number, in order to collect Cash Points on our flights.

Additional information:

    • Sometimes we need to send important information by SMS or email, and by adding the customers mobile number and email address we are able to reach them easily.
    • By adding the customers mobile number we will also send an SMS ticket 2 hours before departure, give access to easy check-in for your customer and send latest updates about the flight/gate change etc. 
    • Remember to add country code  when you register mobile number.
    • See also information about GDPR - Data Protection Regulation further down.


Mobile number SRCTCM-<countrycode and mobile-nbr>
Email address SRCTCE-<email//>
Reward/Frequent flyer number FFN <airline code>-<reward number>/P1 OR SR FQTV<airline code>-DY<reward number>/P1
Mobile number SI.<airline code>*CTCM <countrycode and mobile-nbr>
Email address SI.<airline code>*CTCE <email//>
Reward/Frequent flyer number M.P1/<airline code><reward number>
Mobile number 3CTCM/<country code and mobile-nbr>
Email address 3CTCE/<email//>
Reward/Frequent flyer number FF<airline code><reward number>-1.1


Updated May 10, 2019:

GDPR - Data Protection Regulation


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU law who aims to secure personal information. It set out rules on how traders handle personal information.

The regulation sets out 6 basic requirements that apply to all processing of all personal information, and the trader must:

  • treat the personal information in a way that is legal, fair and transparent
  • have decided on the purpose of collecting information
  • make sure the information is adapted to the purpose it has
  • make sure the information is correct
  • delete information that is no longer required (alternatively anonymize the information)
  • save and use the information so they are not abused
  • If traders fail at being compliant with this regulation the authorities can fine the trader up to 4 % of their total worldwide annual turnover.

    Both Norwegian and travel agencies is to be considered as controllers in light of GDPR. But since we have different purpose of processing personal information, we do not have a common responsibility as controllers.

    Travel agencies using Norwegians booking system are providing customers personal data to Norwegian. This means that travel agencies are responsible for the customers data to be correct.

    If the travel agency fails to provide correct personal information to Norwegian, they might be in breach of GDPR. This also often results in Norwegian sending out information (containing personal info) to wrong customer. Such failure looks very unprofessional, and the customer might feel his personal information is violated and report both Norwegian and the travel agency to the authorities.

    We strongly advice travel agencies to provide customers correct personal data, which can help us all to be complaint with GDPR.