Fares and ticket issuance

Regards to the validity of airfares (tickets not already issued), we hereby remind you of the standard in our industry that airfares and taxes are only valid within the same day as the booking is made (e.g. the day the PNR is priced).
The PNR should therefore be updated with a new fare quote/itinerary pricing on the day of ticket issuance.


Additional information:

        • Ticket Time Limit (TTL) on our restricted ticket types (Lowfare/Lowfare+) is 24 hours from the first segment booked. See fare notes for more details
        • For bookings made more than 24 hours before scheduled departure: Fully refundable if booking is cancelled within 24 hours of booking creation/first segment booked.
          No waiver required if cancellation/refund is completed within 24 hours.
          NOTE: For refunds made outside the 24 hour window, a waiver is required to avoid ADM
        • For bookings made less than 24 hours before scheduled departure: Normal void rules apply
        • For all types of fares, especially the private fares, it is important to check the fare rules and issue tickets according to Ticketing Time Limit
        • Manual repricing or overriding of e-tickets without a waiver from Norwegian, may result in an ADM 
        • For bookings made through Agent Portal or our API, go to ticket types and complete fare rules here