EMD-S is implemented for electronic ticketing in all BSP/ARC markets where we support
E-ticketing. Use the following service codes for EMD-S in the service segment (SVC) on DY/D8:

D 996 RSVR Residual value refundable balance
D 993 PENF Rebooking fee
D 0L7 PENN Name change fee
D 997 DEPO Deposit on group bookings
D 991 RSVT Residual value future air transportation

Additional information:

    • EMD-S must be issued in the same booking.



Norwegian Air (DY/D8) has activated several ancillary services and products in all BSP/ARC markets where we support E-ticketing. 

The following products are enabled for EMD-A in the ancillary services catalogue:

C 0HS SKIS Skiing equipment
C 0HQ GOLF Golfing equipment
C 0H0 DIVE Scuba diving equipment
C 0KS KITE Kitesurfing equipment
C 0GK SURF Surfboarding equipment
C 0NR SNWB Snowboarding equipment
C 0OD WIND Windsurfing equipment
C 0HU FISH Fishing rod equipment
C 04U WEAP Sports weapons
E 029 FAST Fast Track
C 0BS AVIH Animal in hold, dog
C 021 AVIH Animal in hold, cat
C 0BT PETC Pet in cabin, dog
C 020 PETC Pet in cabin, cat
E 0BH UMNR Unaccompanied minor service
A 0B5 SEAT Pre reserved seat assignment 
C 0CC ABAG Chargeable bag 1 
C 0CD BBAG Chargeable bag 2
E 0G6 PRIB Priority boarding 
(available with Lowfare+ product)
E 0BW PRIO Overhead cabin bag with priority boarding 
(available with Lowfare product)

Additional information:

    • Fast Track is only available on selected airports. Go to Fast Track for more information.
    • Go to GOLF, SKIS, WEAP, DIVE, KITE, FISH, SURF, SNWB, WIND, BIKE, PETC, AVIH, FAST and UMNR for more information regarding the various services.
    • Go to hand baggage to see how you book priority boarding with overhead cabin bag (PRIO) on Lowfare tickets or to priority boarding to see how you book priority boarding (PRIB) on Lowfare+ tickets 
    • EMD-A must be issued in the same booking
    • After voluntary changes of E-ticket, SSR must be added to the new segment and the EMD-A must be associated/reissued (see more info below)
    • The EMD-A can only be changed to the same service that was originally booked
    •  ASSOCIATION OF EMD-A: EMD coupons remain associated to the E-ticket after the revalidation, except when there is a change in operating carrier (DY/D8). In such cases, reissue must be done.
    • REISSUES OF EMD-A: Possible in all GDS`s.
    • NAME CHANGE: Name on E-ticket and EMD-A must match. The EMD-A must be reissued to match the new e-ticket and be associated again. 
    • REFUND: EMD-A documents are defined as non-refundable when associated to a restricted booking class.
    • AUTOMATED ISSUANCE LIMIT: The AIL tool applies an issuance time limit to the chargeable ancillary service and sends a warning of the deadline for issuing EMD-A.
      The  ancillary service will be cancelled if EMD-A has not been issued within the deadline.