Branded fares in GDS

On January 20, 2021 Norwegian Air completed the implementation of Branded Fares. We are now offering our mutual customers freedom of choice through in-direct channels. Our stripped LowFare product are offered in the GDS, through all agent partners using Amadeus, Travelport+ (Galileo) & Sabre solutions.

We highly encourage you to propose the LowPlus product to your customer, as this Branded Fare type is very similar to the Norwegian fare product we used to have in GDS and what you and your customers have been used to since Norwegian started flying. 

Main changes  

    • We discontinued the Q-surcharge which previously applied automatically to every individual E-ticket segment booked in GDS
    • We activated new ancillary services in GDS and the main ones are:
      • Chargeable seats
      • Chargeable bags (ABAG=first checked bag, BBAG=second checked bag)
    • Group bookings (G-class) and allotment bookings (O-class) have not been affected by the implementation, as these fare types already have different products and services included in the fares. 

Additional information:

    • Flex (BX) can be combined with Flex and LowPlus fares
    • LowFare+ (LP) can be combined with LowPlus and Flex fares
    • LowFare (LF) can only be combined with Lowfare fares
    • It is not possible to upgrade from Lowfare to LowPlus. Checked bags and/or seat must be bought separate
    • Go to our EMD pages for more details about the various ancillary services and ticket types for more details of what is included in the various products
    • Go to checked baggage to see how you book ABAG/BBAG, to hand baggage to see how you book priority boarding with overhead cabin bag (PRIO) on Lowfare tickets or to priority boarding to see how you book priority boarding (PRIB) on Lowfare+ tickets 

                                                                           CHARGEABLE PRODUCTS ISSUED AS EMD-A
1 underseat bag            -           -    -
1 overhead cabin bag      YES (PRIO)           -    -
Checked baggage 1      YES (ABAG)                  -    -
Checked baggage 2 *      YES (BBAG)            YES (ABAG)    -
Standard seats **      YES (SEAT)                  -          -
Other seats (exit, front row etc)      YES (SEAT)            YES (SEAT)    -
Fast track      YES (FAST)     YES (FAST)    -
Priority boarding      YES (PRIO)     YES (PRIB)    -

* Checked baggage 2 must be booked as ABAG on Lowfare+
** Standard seats on Lowfare+ must be priced in 1A to avoid cancellation. SSR indicator will change to #SSR after pricing. For 1S/1G, a zero value EMD must be issued.