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Important information


Group bookings with new deposit rules

New deposit rules for group bookings

As of November 1st, 2017, a new set of deposit rules will be implemented to all group bookings with Norwegian.
Finally, we can present a simplified process regards to the collection of deposit for group bookings!

Key change & feature:

  • Calculation of deposit will change from 20% per person, per flight, to 20% of net total per purchase

Other features:

  • Extra seats are considered a new purchase
  • You can reduce the group by up to 10% per purchase without loss of deposit
  • If you reduce by more than 10%, lost deposit is calculated per purchase
  • Lost deposit is not registered in Amadeus
  • Changes (new/more flights, changes to passenger number, etc.) before charge date of deposit will cause a new deposit calculation
  • When splitting a booking the deposit will still be tied to the original PNR
  • Reduction in a split will cause a deposit recalculation in original PNR after validating (OS<airline code>/VALIDATE - i.e. OSDY/VALIDATE)
  • A split is not considered a new purchase
  • Group bookings created before November 1st will follow old deposit rules


More good news!
We are pleased to announce that from November 1st, 2017 you also have the option to obtain receipts on both deposit and restpay/totalpay on Groups. The receipt can be downloaded from the Agent Portal.
For further information re GDS group bookings, please see section “Groups in Amadeus” and follow the link ”How to book a group booking with Norwegian as of November 01st 2017(pdf)”
If you have any questions to the new rules or groups in general, please contact our group agent desk or your contact person at our Sales department locally.

Please use 
for all group related matters.

Exception: Group bookings via web

Always use reply function when you have made a group booking via our web form.

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