Group booking rules

Applicable rules for bookings made in GDS


Sales channels • Amadeus, Travelport+ (Galileo), Sabre  
Booking class • G class  
Routes • All routes except domestic Spain
• We permit domestic Spain as part of int.connection within 24hrs only
Inclusions • 1 underseat bag (30x20x38cm) and 1 overhead cabin bag (55x40x23cm)
   Combined weight is max 10kg. (Exception: 8kg to/from DXB)
• 2 x 23kg checked baggage and seat reservation
Min/Max group size • Min 10/Max 99 Reservation
Quote validity • More than 315 days prior to departure: 2 DAYS
• 314-30 days prior to departure: 5 DAYS
• Less than 30 days prior to departure: 2 DAYS
Fares/Currency • The fare presented in the booking is the net fare Reservation
Child/Infant discounts • CHD: No discount
• INF: 10% of ADT fare (in addition to taxes on international flights)
Cancellation • Free cancellation up until first deadline Reservation
Group reduction • 10% reduction of the group size is permitted up until 30 days prior to departure
• No reduction permitted when it is less than 30 days prior to departure
Deposit • Deposit to be paid is 30% of the net fare Deposit
Name reporting • Free name change up until ticketing Name reporting
Ticketing • Final payment to be done by ticketing Ticketing and pricing
Refund • Deposit can be refunded when all tickets are issued Deposit
Add-on • Permitted on domestic flights up until 10 days before ticketing Reservation
Itinerary changes • Itinerary changes are not allowed Reservation


Additional conditions

  • Please note that we reserve the right to amend flight times
  • Changes in government taxes and fees may apply
  • Group booking requests must be made for the complete number in party on any given flight. It is not permitted to make multiple smaller group requests for a group on the same flight with the same itinerary. These will be regarded as duplicates and cancelled by Norwegian
  • This product is for ad hoc groups only. If you require a series of group bookings across multiple flights on the same route these must be booked as an allotment by contacting Norwegian Sales Department
  • Unless otherwise specified in these conditions, our General Conditions of Carriage will apply to all group bookings