Schedule change policy

Updated March 17th, 2022

Normally we will operate our flight according to original time table, but sometimes we need to adjust the timetable for different reasons. These changes are normally made more than 14 days before scheduled time of departure and booking is updated with a TK, UN/TK or UN segment. 

Notification of schedule change

    • Booked in GDS: Notification will be sent on schedule change queue in your GDS.
    • Booked on WEB: Notification will be sent to the email address registered in the booking.

Additional information

    • When a schedule change is accepted/confirmed in GDS or per email/phone, the confirmation is binding and normal fare rules apply.
    • Schedule change is a change in departure time for a flight ahead of time and should not be mixed up with delays and irregularities close to departure where other rules apply. Contact Agent Support if you are not sure how to handle these changes.
    • Rebooking must be made before departure
    • TK elements should be confirmed (HK) or cancelled preferably 7 days before departure.
      Any TK nowshow-segments may result in an ADM.
  • • Reduced by 1 hour or less 
  • • Increased by less than 3 hour
  • • Normal fare rules apply, except when it is a broken connection
  • • Reduced by more than 1 hour 
  • • Increased by 3 hour or more
  • • Broken connection
  • • Cancelled flight (except change of 
      designator code DY/D8)
  • • Full refund or
  • • Free rebooking to the same city pair on any alternative time/date available on Norwegian's network (DY/D8)


E-TICKET (issued in BSP/ARC)

    • If routing is the same and accepted by the passenger and all segments have a valid e-ticket number, confirm the segment in your GDS without any further action.
    • Cancelled flights (UN status with no alternative flight option) can be changed after original departure but within 2 months after original departure
    • Go to Groups for more details when there is a schedule change on a group bookings
  • • There is no availability within same ticket type** 
  • • There has been a broken connection and you need to change the not affected leg of the transit journey
  • • You need to reroute from a direct flight to transit or vice versa
  • • You need to rebook to another airport within the same city
  • • Customer is entitled to full refund and want to cancel and request a refund due to schedule change
  • NOTE: An ADM will be issued if waiver has not been requested or the ticket is not reissued according to our rules and guidelines
    NOTE: Segments must be deleted from the booking before we add any waiver


• Cancelled flight (no alternativ flight option) • Add remark in booking: FULL REFUND DUE CNL <flightnbr/ddmmm>
• Free rebooking to the same routing within Norwegian's network
• Use same or lowest available fare class within the same ticket type**
• Add remark in endorsement box
• Reissue the ticket
• Involuntary reissue if we have changed the routing and this is
  accepted by the customer.
• Add remark in endorsement box
• Text in endorsement box (add affected flightnbr/date) • INVOLSC<flightnbr/ddmmm>

** Ticket type = Restricted or Flex


    • If schedule change is accepted by the passenger, please confirm the change through the link in the e-mail received. If the schedule change meet the criterias for free rebooking, changes must be made through the Agent Portal.
    • If schedule change is not accepted by the customer and meet the criterias for full refund, go to contact us (WEB refunds) on how to proceed.