Refund policy

Last updates: January 15, 2021 (10:35 CET)

It is the agencies responsibility to refund E-tickets and EMD’s according to fare rules.

For detailed information on how to process refunds, go to Contact Us 

Additional information:

  • Refunds according to fare rules (fares and/or taxes) should be processed directly in the travel agencies GDS.
  • After reissue of an e-ticket and the reissue result in a refundable fare and/or taxes, the residual amount should be transferred to an EMD (MCO in the US market), and subsequently refunded by the travel agency.
  • For refunds of fare/taxes (as described above) that we receive via BSP-link or ARC, we reserve the right to charge a minimum fee of EUR50/USD50 per ticket. 
  • For incorrect calculations or if no amount is added in refund application, we reserve the right to charge a minimum fee of EUR50/USD50 per ticket.