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Designator codes

Designator codes for Norwegian: DY, D8 and DI

A re-accommodation of the 787 Dreamliner long haul operation from
LGW base flights will start February 7th 2018.

Re-accommodation of affected passengers will be completed 07.-08. February.
Norwegian will stop the sales for these specific flights Wednesday 7th February, and we will reopen them again during 8th February. With DI prefix (from DY prefix) for 787 Dreamliner long haul operation from LGW base US flights operating from 25th March 2018.
Please recognize that this is only a designator code change (No new flight numbers or new timetables).

Norwegian's airline designators

  • Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS): DY prefix 
  • Norwegian Air International (NAI): D8 prefix
    • Norwegian Air UK Ltd (NUK): DI prefix 

Please make sure that all your relevant agents are informed and that your systems are set up correctly to accommodate designator codes DY, D8 & DI.

General details:

  • Norwegian has the same ticket stock for DY, D8 and DI (328-xxxxxxxx). Validating carrier is DY. 
  • 329 are shown as ticket stock in the GDS display for technical reasons only. 329 shall not be used.
  • Availability search & display e.g. AN15NOVOSLLGW/ADY,D8,DI
  • Pricing display e.g. FQDOSLLGW/ADY,D8,DI 
  • Private fares (T.O. and corporate fares) e.g. FQDOSLLGW/ADY,D8,DI/R,U 
  • OS elements for agreement code needs to include correct prefix/designator e.g. OSD8 NCA


Changes from one of Norwegian's designator codes to another.

If a re-accommodation occurs, the following applies:

  • All PNRs booked through GDS will be placed on your schedule change queue and E-tickets need to be manually revalidated (coupon re-association to the new flight designator). 
  • For Amadeus bookings, we have automatically revalidated affected PNRs, however, be aware that some might need manually revalidations.
  • For Sabre and Galileo bookings, the travel agency must revalidate/reissue the bookings manually.
    • Schedule change information to the affected passengers will be flight number change only. Example:  From DY123 to D8123
    • NOTE: All EMD-A must be reissued by travel agency
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