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Designator codes

Designator codes for Norwegian: DY, D8 and DI

Norwegian's airline designators

  • Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS): DY prefix 
  • Norwegian Air International (NAI): D8 prefix
    • Norwegian Air UK Ltd (NUK): DI prefix 

Please make sure that all your relevant agents are informed and that your systems are set up correctly to accommodate designator codes DY, D8 & DI.

General details:

  • Norwegian has the same ticket stock for DY, D8 and DI (328-xxxxxxxx). Validating carrier is DY. 
  • 329 are shown as ticket stock in the GDS display for technical reasons only. 329 shall not be used.
  • Availability search & display e.g. AN15NOVOSLLGW/ADY,D8,DI
  • Pricing display e.g. FQDOSLLGW/ADY,D8,DI 
  • Private fares (T.O. and corporate fares) e.g. FQDOSLLGW/ADY,D8,DI/R,U 
  • OS elements for agreement code needs to include correct prefix/designator e.g. OSD8 NCA


Changes from one of Norwegian's designator codes to another.

If a re-accommodation occurs, the following applies:

  • All PNRs booked through GDS will be placed on your schedule change queue and E-tickets need to be manually revalidated (coupon re-association to the new flight designator). 
  • For Amadeus bookings, we have automatically revalidated affected PNRs, however, be aware that some might need manually revalidations.
  • For Sabre and Galileo bookings, the travel agency must revalidate/reissue the bookings manually.
    • Schedule change information to the affected passengers will be flight number change only. Example:  From DY123 to D8123
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