Norwegian’s APIs can be used by our agent partners, tech providers, corporate clients, customers and developer communities looking to build custom travel applications.

Who can connect?

  • OTAs and Affiliates can use the API to build custom search and booking functions that are then integrated within their shopping and booking flows.
  • Travel agents and tour operators can create packages to include flights and travel services using Norwegian’s API.
  • Corporate clients can use the Norwegian API within their in-house travel management system to provide Norwegian flights to their travel teams and ensure bookings are as per travel policy. Directly with Norwegian or through a Corporate booking tool provider.
  • Travel agents can build their own apps to access Norwegian content and offers, enhancing booking experience of their customers.
  • Customers can access these APIs to create own booking experience on their mobile apps and booking engines.
  • Developer communities can access these APIs to build exciting mobile and IoT applications.

Additional information:

    • Tickets are confirmed as soon as the booking has been made and the customer has access to Norwegian's published prices, standard terms, product characteristics, etc.
    • Go to our ticket types for more details of what is included in the various products 

For more information about our API, go to Sales & Distribution