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Important information

Updated March 20, 2019:

737 MAX aircraft temporarily grounded

Following the decision by the relevant aviation regulatory bodies to temporarily suspend operations of Boeing 737 MAX, Norwegian will not operate any flights with this aircraft type until further notice.
We remain in close dialogue with the aviation authorities and Boeing and follow their instructions and recommendations. The safety and security of our customers and colleagues will never be compromised, and once authorities advise to cease operations we will of course comply.
We will do our utmost to minimise the impact on our passengers, through re-bookings, optimisation of other aircraft types, and utilisation of our existing flight program.
We would like to apologise to customers who will be affected by cancellations and delays caused by the grounding of this aircraft type. Affected passengers will be contacted by SMS (if mobilenumber is registered in the PNR).

See Traffic information and Flight status for our latest updated information and if the flight has been cancelled.

We understand these cancellations are frustrating for your customers, and we will do all we can to minimize the disruption of your customers travel plans, by offering full refund or rebooking if the flight is cancelled:

  • Full refund of the cancelled flight is allowed without waiver
    Note: Add remark in the booking with FULL REFUND DUE TO CNL 737MAX OPERATION
  • Involuntary change to same routing is allowed without waiver
    Note: For involuntary rerouting, please contact Agent Support for waiver
  • For refund of cancelled flight, send an email to
    Note: Subject in email (e.g): FULL REFUND DUE TO CNL 737MAX OPERATION
  • Free changes can be made in Agent Portal

Given the uncertainty of this situation, we are unable to offer a refund or rebooking to passengers with future flights scheduled to be operated with Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Please contact Agent Support for assistance or if you have any questions related to above or if the flight is delayed. 

Updated May 10, 2019:

GDPR - Data Protection Regulation


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU law who aims to secure personal information. It set out rules on how traders handle personal information.

The regulation sets out 6 basic requirements that apply to all processing of all personal information, and the trader must:

  • treat the personal information in a way that is legal, fair and transparent
  • have decided on the purpose of collecting information
  • make sure the information is adapted to the purpose it has
  • make sure the information it has is correct
  • delete information that is no longer required (alternatively anonymize the information)
  • save and use the information so they are not abused
  • If traders fail at being compliant with this regulation the authorities can fine the trader up to 4 % of their total worldwide annual turnover.

    Both Norwegian and travel agencies is to be considered as controllers in light of GDPR. But since we have different purpose of processing personal information, we do not have a common responsibility as controllers.

    Travel agencies using Norwegians booking system are providing customers personal data to Norwegian. This means that travel agencies are responsible for the customers data to be correct.

    If the travel agency fails to provide correct personal information to Norwegian, they might be in breach of GDPR. This also often results in Norwegian sending out information (containing personal info) to wrong customer. Such failure looks very unprofessional, and the customer might feel his personal information is violated and report both Norwegian and the travel agency to the authorities.

    We strongly advice travel agencies to provide customers correct personal data, which can help us all to be complaint with GDPR.


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